Ensemble Musikfabrik performs Musique d’art pour violon, alto, violoncelle, contrebasse et traitement by Simon Martin.

Four musicians from Ensemble Musikfabrik come from Germany to present the most recent creation of composer Simon Martin, a work/concert featuring a narrative chiselled directly from the subject matter, leading to a quest for the perfection of harmony which simultaneously becomes a wellspring of beauty and drama.

Jean-François Blouin, sound system, Andréa Marsolais-Roy, lighting.

Immerse yourself in Simon Martin’s composition world with our musical guides, featurinig sound experiments on digital tablets! On site from 7pm.

In collaboration with the International Winter School of Music Mediation.

English translation / adaptation: Peggy Niloff



Coproduction MNM / Projections libérantes, en partenariat avec le Goethe-Institut. Avec la collaboration de l’École d’hiver internationale de médiation de la musique.