• Saturday, February 20, 2021
    7:30 pm
    • Online event
    • Live
  • Wednesday, March 3 – Sunday, August 15, 2021
    • Online event

Works by Boudreau, Duguay, Fasano, Knörh, Lefebvre, Paul, Perry and Saint-Germain.

Experience the “madness” of Infonie as if you are there! Relive the incredible artistic experience of the multidisciplinary group founded in the 1970s by Walter Boudreau and poet Raôul Duguay. The youthful ensemble 333 ToutArtBel directed by Philippe Hode-Keyser offers us a stage reinterpretation as unbridled as that of their elders, blending music, improvisation, dance and visual art. In doing so, they re-appropriate an unconstrained state of mind that projected Québec culture towards the artistic avant-garde in the footsteps of Le Refus Global. With Paix, Viens danser le OK Là and the other flagship works by L’Infonie, this performance will take you back to the frontiers of time, style, and… reason!



Production MNM