• Sunday, February 28, 2021
    9:30 am – 12:30 pm
    • Online event
    • Live
    • Conference…

Associated with the La Grande Nuit concert and the Beyond Borders theme, two colloquiums are brought together to explore, each in their own way, going beyond borders and scales that cross sound, musical and social universes. Thus, sound creators, researchers and thinkers will be invited to reflect in two stages on different aspects related to this theme.

The Musical Diversity After the Pandemic symposium will address the following questions: The global arts landscape — especially that of live arts — has taken a hard hit with the COVID-19 pandemic and is now undergoing substantial changes. Our communities and networks are working tirelessly to find new strategies to support cultural life and its artists, whilst institutions and curators reinvent themselves to align with a new digital reality. In partnership with the Nordic countries, we are exploring the question of diversity in this new context. What is the current state of our field in Québec and in the Nordic countries? How can we learn from each other?

Partnership: matralab, Nordic-Québec Researcher Exchange Project, SMCQ, Concordia University, Ultima Festival Oslo, Konstmusiksystrar.

As part of the “GRMS La Grande Écoute” series.


Production GRMS (Groupe de recherche sur la médiatisation du son), in collaboration with matralab, Hexagram and MNM