Philippe Ménard and Orchestre philharmonique des musiciens de Montréal (OPMEM) perform works by Devaux, Gellman and Hamel.

The next generation celebrates contemporary music! The Orchestre philharmonique des musiciens de Montréal (OPMEM) participates in the 55th anniversary of the SMCQ with this major concert. On the programme: the highly fashionable Keiko Devaux transports us with her delicate and atmospheric music, while André Hamel offers a detonating creation featuring sustained rhythms. Steven Gellman’s monumental work, considered one of the most important in the Canadian repertoire, is heard over and over again like a long symphonic poem. This completes the panorama of pieces for full orchestra that are too rarely presented.



A Société de musique contemporaine du Québec (SMCQ) production.