Imagine the meeting between an extraordinary array of improbable instruments and musicians, who have been exploring all the creative territories for 20 years!

Jean-François Laporte and his invented instruments join Ensemble Cairn to perform three works by composers chosen for the originality of their approach. This unusual instrumentarium — two Babel tables and a siren organ — respond to the classical instruments in a new junction between raw materials and sound materials. The result is a delightful performance where the vitality of the colours and the plasticity of the sound give rise to unexpected aural perspectives. As a prelude, the Totem Trio proposes an improvisation featuring Totem instruments are heard in their natural state.

The Ensemble Cairn (France) approaches repertoires open to other aesthetic forms and artistic practices. Their concerts are conceived as inner journeys where each spectator is invited to imagine a sensitive relationship with sound.

Totem Contemporain is at the forefront of research, experimentation and innovation, particularly in the field of new acoustic musical instruments.



Coproduction Ensemble Cairn, Productions Totem Contemporain and Montréal/New Musics in partnership with Grame de Lyon. Thanks to Concordia University and Sandeep Bhagwati.