L’instrument et l’humain en mutation

Enjoy an unprecedented immersive experience in a world-class spatialized environment. Bringing together some 25 works by experienced composers from here and abroad, La Grande Nuit 2023 explores the different nuances of sound in an immersive dome of 32 loudspeakers. The sound artists will take turns throughout the night to take you through a musical marathon around the theme The Instrument and the Mutating Human. A 360-degree immersion at the cutting edge of technology!

As part of the Série GRMS La Grande écoute and the Nuit blanche à Montréal of the Festival Montréal en lumière.



Production GRMS (Groupe de recherche sur la médiatisation du son), in collaboration with matralab, Hexagram-UQAM and Montréal/New Musics.

Montréal en lumière Nuit blanche