Monday, April 14 2008
Faculté de musique, Université de Montréal (Local B-520)

Observatoire International de la Création Musicale (OICM)

The double anniversary of Claude Vivier’s life and death is an occasion to look back on Vivier the composer, polemicist, and individual. It also provides us with an opportunity to contemplate and analyze the place he occupied in Québécois musical life while he was alive, and his position today in retrospect. The Observatoire International de la Création Musicale has organized a study day to address a large number of aspects of Vivier’s multi-faceted life and its repercussions, from musical works to history and back again, all by way of the man, the audience, and the performers.

Bob Gilmore, musicologist
Jean Lesage, composer
Jean-Jacques Nattiez, musicologist
Martine Rhéaume, musicologist

1pm: Conférences
5pm: Cocktail
7:30pm: Concert Kopernikus