As Global Citizens, we have inherited the task of choosing our heros, of etching them into our hearts and lives, of drawing inspiration from them in both good and bad times.

Gilles Tremblay is like a tree.
A deeply-rooted tree, solidly anchored in rich soil…

A comrade in arms of the Serge Garants, Otto Joachims, Perre Mercures, and François Morels of his time, from the very beginning of music that was actuelle or “new” and entirely our own, Gilles Tremblay rapidly cleared a personal artistic path that was liberally paved with the imprint of spirituality.

A tree with a massive trunk, and branches that reach out majestically towards the light.

An internationally renowned composer and teacher who was “revered” by many generations of students, incontestably and for almost half a century Gilles Tremblay has towered over contemporary music both here and abroad.

A tree whose lush canopy recreates the “miracle” of life as it gathers the sun’s light and synthesizes it.

A true magician of sounds, his music celebrates the beauty and mystery of nature alongside Universal Brotherhood. An alchimist, his work rises to the height of purity, expressivity, and inventiveness through profound respect for tradition.

Gilles Tremblay is a poet, a visionary, an explorer…

A tireless traveler to virtual nations of creativity, his musical œuvre testifies to remarkably far reaching interests that range from Monteverdi to the dizzying rhythms of the Balinese gamelan!

Enamored of everything that lives and breaths, of wide open spaces, of water, fire, sky and earth, Gilles Tremblay imparts nothing less than ecstasy and transcendence in the face of Beauty and Harmony…

Come and meet “your” hero!

Walter Boudreau
Artistic Director

Pierrette Gingras
General Manager