The Homage Series, latest addition to the activities of the Société de Musique Contemporaine du Québec (SMCQ), is already in its third edition. Devoted to the work of composer Ana Sokolović, this year’s Series follows in the footsteps of the previous Claude Vivier edition (2007-08, 25 events) and Gilles Tremblay edition (2009-10, 50 events), taking an unprecedented scale with more than 100 concerts and activities throughout the country. Moreover, Lorraine Pintal, artistic director of the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde (TNM), has graciously agreed to act as spokeswoman for this great cultural gathering.

Can this be deemed a success? Most assuredly, as the numbers quoted above quite eloquently bear witness. But above all, we must pay close attention to the objective of the SMCQ’s Homage Series: the integration of our composers into today’s society in the same way as our filmmakers, writers, poets, choreographers, stage directors and others creators of “contemporary” and “current” art, lucid and privileged observers and actors of the complex realities of life in the 21st century, have been integrated through the years.

Because, when one comes to think of it, doesn’t contemporary music (still…) suffer from the deplorable prejudice that has sidelined it as an elitist practice, a laboratory experiment, claiming that only a handful of “enthusiasts” are capable of tasting its forbidden fruits? The Homage Series won’t have anything to do with this so-called “closed circuit” mentality and has clearly shown that this music — in a broader perspective — can be successfully integrated into a wider musical context for the better good of the public, the performers and, of course, our composers.

From a theatrical background in Belgrade — while continuing her piano and composition studies with great Serbian masters — Ana Sokolović moved to Quebec in 1992. With her unique and incredible cultural background, she soon acquired a place of choice in our musical scene. Her music, which is a refined mix of rich Balkan millennia-old tradition and expressive “avant-garde”, immediately conquered those who heard it!

Let yourself be carried away by her unique and oh so charming voice as she ranges from great orchestral pieces to chamber music and opera. You are sure to be carried away, as we were, and, who knows, left asking for more!

Walter Boubreau, Aïda Aoun, Artistic Director & General Director