Love Story

I will never forget my initiation to the SMCQ on April 25th, 1968, when my friend, the poet Raôul Duguay, took me to one of its concerts at Salle Claude-Champagne. This concert gave me a jolt that was both terrible and magnificent, because this musical “love at first sight” prompted an unexpected career move and left an indelible mark on my existence.

DARE to experience the “jolt” and TAKE A CHANCE on falling in love as the Société de musique contemporaine du Québec celebrates its fortieth anniversary with an emotionally charged tribute to the “fiery” souls and dedicated artists who are unconditionally committed to the formidable odyssey that is the music of our time.

Through the performance of works by 123 composers over 572 concerts and including 150 premieres, after 40 years of adventure, avant-gardism, and vitality, the SMCQ REMAINS ABOVE ALL a moving love story!

Experience with us the best in new music from here and abroad that our composers, soloists, orchestras, and ensembles have to offer. Let yourself be literally skyrocketed higher and farther than the careful steps of a tortoise might carry you in a world too often tormented, incomprehensible, and combative…

Walter Boudreau September 33, 2006