Last Thursday, Walter Boudreau received Frankenstein at his grand Halloween aural buffet! As starters, guests were completely immersed in Louis Dufort’s post-nuclear sound universe for 14 surrounding speakers, then baited by Serge Garant’s Amuya (a nod at one of Québec’s contemporary music pioneers) and shaken by young composer Wolf Edwards’ music of chain saws, hammers and metal rods. As for the second part of this meal of gruesome food for the ears, baritone Simon Fournier appeared for Frankenstein as a delirious whacko and the evening skidded out in a gush of folly!

About a hundred students from two Montreal secondary schools (Saint-Henri and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry schools) attended an hour of the Halloween concert dress rehearsal. Judging by their screams and shouts, they went through some strong emotions!

News written by Noémie Pascal (translation: Claire Cavanagh) and posted on Wednesday, November 3, 2010.