… in person…

Our honored composer visited the camps musicaux de l’Université de Montréal and Père Lindsay to meet young music lovers ages 6 to 16. He spoke to them about his personal journey and his fascinating work before listening with them to some of his favorite works. These 400 campers will be invited to meet with Denis Gougeon at the upcoming September 27th SMCQ opening concert.

… and in music!

Some campers also played Gougeon’s music. The Père Lindsay guitar ensemble studied Petite musique pour une nuit d’été. Jean-Christophe Melançon performed Piano-Soleil and Ludovic Rolland-Marcotte presented Violon-Uranus. Good job guys!

News written by Claire Cavanagh (translation: Peggy Niloff) and posted on Thursday, August 8, 2013.