This Friday (Dec. 16) "Le Devoir" published a wonderful article by Philippe Papineau on the 3rd volume version of Volume 333 by L’Infonie — the exact day after the SMCQ’s first concert in 1966.

Here are some excerpts:

Almost 45 years later, the volume Volume 333 by L’Infonie rises to the surface for a… 3rd time. (…) Artistic director, Walter Boudreau, seems to vie between two emotions when discussing this musical work lasting 1h30m (…), and where contemporary music juxtaposes jazz, electro-acoustics, classical and rock.

The memory of the recording awakens several anecdotes which Walter Boudreau relates in the article.

"There is in this record the sound of the time, the flavor and philosophy of the time, a completely wacky side. (…) In the early 1970s, L’Infonie had achieved a certain success with its four discs despite a very "left field" proposal, tells Walter Boudreau. (…) The third album "is a good business card for anyone wondering what was going on in the head of L’Infonie at that time."

Volume 333
Mucho Gusto Records

Good Reading!

News written by Michel Joanny-Furtin and posted on Monday, December 19, 2016.