As many of you already know, this biennale series seeks to generate an artistic momentum around a composer to provide this creator with an exceptional level of recognition. To do so, we invite a varied group of organizations to integrate one or several works by this composer into their artistic season.

Following in the footsteps of Claude Vivier, Gilles Tremblay, Ana Sokolović, Denis Gougeon and John Rea, the highlighted composer for 2017—2018 will be José Evangelista . He has been selected by SMCQ’s artistic committee for the quality, diversity and scope of his work, apart from his remarkable openness to world music. We invite you to join us in celebrating and disseminating the life and work of this key figure in today’s music by incorporating his works into your 2017—2018 programming or by initiating a project revolving around his work.

By participating in the Homage Series to José Evangelista, you will benefit from full exposure on our website and via social networks and your events will be promoted in the “José Evangelista magazine”, with the media follow-up. Most importantly, you will be making a significant impact towards the recognition of creators in our society.

How to Participate

Confirm your participation by May 30, 2017, by completing our registration form. Please note that you can save the form as a working document as long as it is submitted by the deadline. The SMCQ team will contact you for specific details and advise you about various promotional tools.

For any question, do not hesitate to contact us.

News written by Vincent Poirier Ruel and posted on Thursday, March 30, 2017.