Here, to discover every day until May 18th, the 13 poems by Sandeep Bhagwati who inspired his lastest creation Niemandslandhymnen.

X — Algorithms

Through matterless manipulations of the given
Step after step we change the face of what we see.
We crunch ciphers and bits, dip our conceptual sieve in

This data stream that we may never again swim in. Or follow a tree
with branches so labyrinthine they bewilder both expert and novice.
Its ubiquitous roots vivisect our reality, growing a living facsimile

From rules we’ve forgotten or ditched, in a ritual of transparent gnosis,
In which softwares become our being, augmented by sentient wires,
Spurring thousand millennia of thought to its logical apotheosis.

Entranced by this process, we wander in circles at night, breathing fires.
Bereft, we relinquish control as, unburdened, we dream — and raise
Our voice above the din of oceanic choirs

News posted on Tuesday, May 16, 2017.