Integral/parent work: La forme de l’esprit est un papillon

To slip inside the time span of a spark! As you would settle yourself under a tree … A great shiver covers its boughs with a blanket of humming, dotted with holes of light and colour. The multi-resonant continuum emits forms. Characteristic markings are there concealed, as figures, and signs. Here and there, tangled dynamic entities come into view. At times these “markings” reveal more strongly the movements of the instrumented hand-ear, in other instances figures are born of a wealth of significance. Accidents of attention circulate amid the calls, or more aptly, the “fluttering” between one and another in a tense, jostling, multi-polar dance.

Five movements succeed each other, bound by recollections and attractions: formes espacées, formes resserrées, formes enchevêtrées, formes contrastées, formes ondulées.