8 string instruments

“Marcel picked up Duplessis and took off, raised by the music, carried by it, straddling it as if it had to be tamed, whirling in this wave of sound that he recognize perfectly but whose existence hadn’t even been hinted at till now. All at once, there was a smell of pine resin, of wild roses and rutting bear, of pipe tobacco to drive mosquitoes away and of slowly simmering beef soup; the laundry had been done and a dog was rummaging in the white sheets spread out in the dew. […] When the music stopped, Marcel felt his head spin and he held out his arms to Duplessis. “I’m falling!”. He oppened his eyes. Rose, Violette and Mauve had taken their knitting from their sleeves and the needles were clicking at a good clip. Florence ran her hand over the little boy’s damp forehead while Duplessis daintily licked his wrist. Marcel looked at his grandmother, still upright in her bed. Florence carefully closed his eyes as if he himself were the dead person.”

The duchess and the commoner, Michel Tremblay translated by Sheila Fischman