Integral/parent work: Treelogy

Treelogy is a series of three eulogy movies around discreet movements and growing things. The project was first meant to be purely aesthetic, as a witness to our fascination for open landscapes, a tribute to the “micro but not quite invisible” movements that appear when we stop to observe them.

She Under A Sherrington Tree was the result of an escapade outside of Montreal in an urgent desire to leave the city. The road trip took us all the way to Sherrington, a remote little village we had never heard of before. Our intention was to bring back with us a few hints of the slowness there.

This Is A Portrait draws inspiration from photography. The first part features a game on evolution and the growth of non-moving objects by means of photographs as core material. The fixed-position camera used during the second part of the performance offers moving images inside a frame, itself motionless.

Contrasting with the first two videos, Orchid is based on rhythmic patterns. Visual patterns are added each time a new musical pattern is installed.