saxophone quartet and fixed medium

Pitch Black, written in the summer of 1998 for the Aurelia Saxophone Quartet and ghetto blaster, was commissioned by the Almelo Chamber Music Society and the Dutch Fund for the Creation of Music.

The ghetto blaster reproduces the voice of trumpet player Chet Baker from one of his last interviews before his tragic death—he fell out of the window of an Amsterdam hotel room in 1988. Baker talks about his past as a drug addict, his life in prison (“it was pitch black in there you know”) his first audition with Charlie Parker (“among 40 other trumpet players—or were there 60?”) and playing without drums (“more cool”). These ‘spoken word melodies’ form the musical themes in Pitch Black.

Pitch Black is part of a sequence of ghetto blaster compositions that Jacob ter Veld-huis wrote, like May this bliss never end, Lipstick, Grab it! and Heartbreakers.

Jacob Ter Veldhuis [ii-07]