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8 flutes

The word “vers” has at least seven homonyms in French: colour, matter, insect, preposition, fabric, according to what we hear. It is also a political persuasion (the Green Party). A sentence with (or without) a rhyme. At the beginning, we wanted a piece that would have all the titles, and then a title that could not be written, only heard, because the sound of “v…r” expresses all these meanings. But which one is the subject of the work? All of them, because everything is within the whole.

Imagine finding yourself in the very mid-point between life and death, with eight flutes in the midst of this pathological forest, along with a Yugoslavian tune and an electroencephalogram. There are fast and slow sections. There are paths between chords that seem inevitably to return, though they bear no resemblance to each other. There are sections with more notes, sections with fewer notes. It is a visit to the netherworld, as it would appear to us if we had never encountered it.