violin, cello, processing and video

Commission: KNM Berlin

Premiere: June 12, 2004, KNM BerlinConcert, Oberbaum City Berlin, Berlin (Germany)

“Completed in collaboration with videographer and composer Pascal Baltazar, this project came to life in a singer place: Oberbaum City, a large, recently rehabilitated industrial complex. Guest artists attempted, in their own ways, to take account of this unique space. As a result, the project had two performances (In & Out 1 / In & Out 2) that tested the boundaries and malleable spaces between the intense and extensible, the smooth and the textured, the inside and the outside, the real and the phantom. IN & OUT 1 is scored for 2 string instruments with video and sound equipment. The goal is a continuous form in a fluid space, in which the building blocks are alternately real and virtual, and in which video allows for the emergence of other presences or phantom musicians as might exist beyond the perceptual sphere.”