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small ensemble, fixed medium and video

Orch. Walter Boudreau, Alain Thibault

Commission: Radio France

Premiere: February 26, 2009, Montréal / Nouvelles Musiques 2009: Hauts-Voltages, Salle Pierre-Mercure — Centre Pierre-Péladeau, Montréal (Québec)

The musical roots and sound material of Volt+ originate in a work first composed in1987. This new piece, enhanced by an original video, maintains a 1980s flavour in its use of sounds once associated with digital samplers and electronic percussion. These sonorities strongly reference the period, and recall in particular the work of Trevor Horn (Yes, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Propaganda, etc.). The visual aesthetic that runs through Volt+ harkens back to specific ways of treating electronic images during the period that saw the creation of the first analogue and digital video synthesizers. The musical and visual content of this piece re-contextualizes and provides new presence for éléments associated with ‘80s mass culture. As it continues to reinvent itself, this period marks a point when electronic sounds became definitively integrated in musical culture as an essential part of its discourse and also witnessed the introduction of the idea that machines could perform music. Commissioned by Radio-France for the 2009 Présences festival.