French “Blasons” were a type of early sixteenth century poetic verse that created portraits or descriptions. Published as early as 1550, a collection of these poetic “blasons” described and celebrated both the visible and secret (concealed) attributes of women. Each of the works set to music speaks of a precise, explicit part of the body, like a secular love poem that is close in spirit to the erotic chansons of composers such as Clément Janequin.

  1. Blason du mystère féminin
  2. Blason du nombril
  3. Blason du beau tétin
  4. Blason de la grâce féminine
  5. Blason des discours féminins
  6. Blason du nez
  7. Blason du souspir (ou de la défunte)
  8. Blason du cueur
  9. Blason de la bouche
  10. Blason du c… de la pucelle
  11. Blason du contentement en amour

Régis Campo