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saxophone quartet and processing

Commission: Quasar, with support from the CALQ

Premiere: March 28, 2007, Ondes de choc, Espace Dell’Arte, Montréal (Québec)

After a night of voluptuousness, they tore themselves away from the morning languor that had delighted their bodies for a while. They took a shower, got dressed, made coffee, ate a little and then, without saying a word, rushed into the diurnal whirlwind of human activity.

… to Martine Doyon

Brumes matinales et textures urbaines is the third in a cycle of pieces for instruments and digital processing that will include eight … plus one. Set against the backdrop of passionate love, the Cycle des heures, when completed, will focus on eight moments in a day. Five other pieces in the cycle have already been written: L’heure bleue for harpsichord, … De l’aube claire for cello, Entre chien et loup for baritone saxophone, Nocturnale for back positive organ and one that is out of time (the “plus one”), L’heure suspendue for «Flying can» (an instrument invented by Jean-François Laporte).