violin, cello, piano and processing

Premiere: February 5, 2010, Trio FibonacciConcert, Conservatoire de musique de Montréal, Montréal (Québec)

The Trio Fibonacci and Serge Provost have been collaborating for several years now. The group created its first trio, La Pietra Che Canta, in Amsterdam and Berlin in 2001. Les heures qui resonnent was written for the Trio Fibonacci. It was born from the sounds that imbed themselves in the composer’s conscience over time and space: fittingly, a recollection of a series of Schuman’s Lieder, the echos of a Venetian Bell Tower, the foghorns of ships, and the recording of far off nocturnal sounds in the High Tatras Mountains by a shortwave radio. This set of sounds is transformed into poetic objects, which produce musical ideas that organize themselves in the imaginary space of musical gestation.

[English translation: Tanina Drvar, i-15]