flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion

Commission: Standing Wave, with support from the CCA

An incipit is the series of words which appears at the beginning of a poem or other literary piece. The term is also applied to music where one may view the opening measure or measures of a piece of music in the context of an index.

In this new work Incipits, I postulated what it mike be like if a musician seated at the piano never cared to leave the index page of musical examples — that is to say, what if this reference page was a complete musical statement in and of itself?

The index page in question is from a collection ofkeyboard sonatas by the Rococo-period composer Domenico Scarlatti. Unlike many of the fragmentary pieces of my recent output, this work divides more clearly into a number of longer sections, each comprised of fragments unified by textural or gestural content.