1. Rouge
  2. Ange
  3. Heliograms

Heliograms is an audio-visual suite created from three pieces for fixed media composed at the dawn of the digital audio era and recently rereleased by the American label Digitalis. The suite features three of the four compositions from Jean Piché’s LP Heliograms: Ange, Rouge, and Heliograms — music distinctly unique for the time of its release. Ange presents a lush, meditative soundscape, while Rouge, written for percussionist Paul Grant, is an exploration of frantic rhythms and metallic, percussive tones. The title composition, Heliograms, was originally conceived as an illumination; now this visual aspect is unveiled for the first time.

“Hauntingly beautiful and still ahead of the curve, Heliograms is a work of magnificent scope that continues to grow with each listen.” — Fluid Radio

Traduction Luke Kumar [v-13]