Transposable at different vocal ranges, this score is not based on any text, but rather composed on phonemes selected for their purely acoustic quality. A fragment of a Scottish melody, briefly revealed during the piece, is at the origin of a double network of deconstructions. a first path follows a kind of consciousness, in the manner of a vague and melancholic look through a window onto a rainy landscape. A second path explores, by the phenomenon of onomatopoeia, the tone of the rain itself. The work calls on a multitude of techniques that enrich the tone of the voice: nasal voice, yodeling, various modifications of vibrato, manual manipulations of sound, microtonal variations, percussive consonants. All these vocal techniques have a crude primitive character that evokes the magnificent harshness of the rocky and seascape panoramas of legendary Scotland.

Vincent Ranallo [English translation: Oliver Haeffeley, iii-13]