6 a capella voices

Vittriool is part of La Wölfli, an a cappella cantata for six solists voices and a mixt choir, around the personality and the work of Adolf Wölfli. This cantata was inspired by text and images of Adolf Wölfli. The idea suggested itself of developing further some of the ideas in these works, such as the excessive filling of the space, the counting out of ciphers, like an inventory list, ritual repetitions, enlarged details without restraint, overloaded and incessantly inverted in their original orientation, rich polyphony etc., always keeping a distance, a ‘harmony’, which channels the development of these approaches. It thus involves an architecture which forms fictitious rooms, sometimes recognizable, which are connected with each other in a concealed and temporally limited manner. The musical figures try to find their way as if in a labyrinth, in order finally to take over the whole space. No room is any longer granter to silence: in its place is an organic, but painless ‘functioning’.

Georges Aperghis