The Pipe and processing

Commission: NAISA, Electric Eclectics, with support from the CCA

Premiere: August 15, 2014, Sound Travels 2014: Instrumental Redo, Wychwood Theatre — Artscape Wychwood Barns, Toronto (Ontario, Canada)

This new musical work set the scene for two of the new robotic instruments called “The Pipe”, which sounds are amplified and digitally processed in real time. The title of this new piece/space references the sonic world in which Jonas (represented by the robotic instrument) would have plunged into once he was swallowed by the whale.

Jonas dans la baleine, is music material that explores sonic, timbral and unique vibrational worlds. The piece is a pure display of sound layers void of tempo, reminding a flow stasis, and silent evaporation. This music of mass and movement using a timbral evolution and fluctuation pattern, self-organizing through accumulation and proliferation, creating a very organic sonic world. Polyphony is more than global harmony, more than total timber, hidden, behind a quasi-static whole, incredibly animated units.