LUMINICO´s presentations offer a unique insight into contemporary reality through sound and visual metaphors that immerse the viewer in an artistic experience that emotionally connects consciousness with perception, intuition with rationality, as if it was an introspective personal “ritualistic” experience designed for a contemporary ´listener-viewer´, through audio and visual processes that incorporate the use of new technologies paired with first rate live performance.

The project won the National Prize for the Performing Arts MEXICO EN ESCENA of the Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes as part of the ONIX Ensamble Project.

The repertoire of Lumínico comes from hundreds of sources of sounds and videos which include art photography, pre-recorded video, real-time image processing, electronic and electroacoustic music combined with live improvisation, contemporary concert music, as well as classical and folk styles in general. These sources are constantly renewed to make way for new programs. Therefore, each concert includes fragments of this comprehensive archive, weaving the chosen elements as if it were a sound-visual track, a technique that deliberately avoids the conventional concert listing of works and composers. The idea is to explore new formats that not only avoid classifications, common tags or undesired expectations from the audience, but also are in search of a free more powerful flow of a dramatic uninterrupted line. The target is the emotional perception of a new listener ready to enjoy a show that aspires to be more inclusive of different music idioms and more responsive to the complexity, sophistication and diversity of contemporary society today.