flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and fixed medium

To Meitar Ensemble

A very small, economic amount of material is stretched and fractioned to the smallest particles. The musical material deals with natural acoustical and physical phenomena. It calls for the musician to listen and be sensitive to their ensemble-dynamics and the individual inner waves/willsenergies/. The soundtrack is a mixture of ’Musique concrète’ and synthesis; It consists of recordings of household machinery and birds in the garden, together with computer-created instruments created and played by the composer.

The piece explores the vast space between the man-made and the natural, suggesting that also the “artificial”, or man-made, is itself a natural phenomenon. Waves of energy interchange on four dimensions; Within each of the players, between the ensemble members and the conductor, between the ensemble and soundtrack, between the six simultaneously generated sound waves and the audience. The group creates a new entity which may be considered organic, biological or mechanistic. Like any organic system or machine, at some point it ceases to exist.

The musicians are invited to be lead by their own body movement, thus creating the music as a side effect of their bodily movements. The music happens inside one note, between two neighboring notes, and through the relationship between the musicians of the ensemble. A deep concentration and sense of responsibility is demanded from the players, who need to make compositional choices throughout the piece, based on the elements of the moment — the space and its resonance, the people in the room, their own mood on that day. The music is alive and re-created, re-composed and de-composed on every implementation/instance of the piece.

[traduction française: Frédéric J. Victor Faugeron]