Premiere: February 26, 2015, Montréal / Nouvelles Musiques 2015, Montréal en lumière 2015: Le Nubi, Music Multimedia Room — Pavillon de musique Elizabeth Wirth — Université McGill, Montréal (Québec)

To Maxime, I whisper a scream to your ear my dear friend

«My great rival is music, it sticks in the bottom of my ear and rots… it never stops scolding… it dazes me with blasts of the trombone, it keeps on day and night. I’ve got every noise in nature, from the flute to Niagara falls… Wherever I go, I’ve got drums with me and an avalanche of trombones… for weeks on end I play the triangle… On the bugle I can’t be beat. I still have my own private birdhouse complete with three thousand five hundred and twenty-seven birds that will never calm down… I am the organs of the Universe… I provide everything, the ham, the spirit, and the breath… Often I seem to be worn out. My thoughts stagger and sprawl… I’m not very good to them. I’m working up the opera of the deluge. As the curtains falls, the midnight train pulls into the station… The glass dome shatters and collapses… The steam escapes through two dozen valves… The couplings bounce sky-high… In wide-open carriages three hundred musicians soused to the gills rend the air, playing fortyfive bars at once… […]

The gate of hell in your ear is a little atom of nothing. Move it a quarter of a hair’s breadth… a micron… and look through. You’re done for! That’s all. You’re damned forever. You ready? No? Do you think you are in rhythm? Kicking in isn’t free ofcharge. A beautiful shroud embroidered with tales — that’s what the Pale Lady wants.” — Céline, Death on the Installment Plan



  • Thursday, February 26 – Saturday, 28, 2015