flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano

In a complex joining of events, simple repetition directs the listener towards new elements and insights. Each reappearance of a given material allows the listener to absorb more and more details. Variating the repetitive structure guides the listener towards taking in the subtle differences; accenting or blurring certain elements, changing the dimension of a gesture, focusing on smaller elements of the entire gesture, etc.

Chinese Whispers (or Telephone game, as named in the United States) is a reference to the universally known game. This Work is inspired by the idea contained in its tittle; using repetition and variation to slowly de-figure an original message.

Human gestures such as stuttering and respiration are part of the language I used in this project. The piece is constructed of several parts, which zoom in on smaller elements of the initial material. This piece was written for the Meitar Ensemble to be premiered at the MATA festival, NYC.