The Sounding/Noising/Babbling Cubes are tactile wood objects—to discover what hides inside them, you are encouraged to pick them up and turn them over in all directions. They hold a multitude of sounds—fragments of life and space-time, which together form an acoustic vocabulary. As you manipulate the cubes, unexpected audio combinations and a mishmash of sounds are created, which can be moulded as you please. These visual, audio and tactile objects allow us to create short and fleeting stories, which are constantly reinvented with every manipulation. As such, the viewer takes part in the exploration and discovery of different and unlikely points of view and sound. Here a sort of acoustic fiction is revealed and constructed with every manipulation.

The Sounding/Noising/Babbling Cubes explore the vastness of the world and the notions of indoor and outdoor space in a miniature package. They deal with memory, the forgotten, the remembered and the invented, as well as the present.