Premiere: February 27, 2019, Montréal / Nouvelles Musiques 2019: Inside Your Bones, Espace orange — Édifice Wilder — Espace danse, Montréal (Québec)

Inside your bones is a work-space of Quebec composer Jean-François Laporte composed of 12 vibrating metal plates and activated by the four musicians of Ars Nova (Mathilde Comoy-Trombone Basse, Eric Lamberger-Clarinette Basse, Jacques Charles-Saxophone Baryton and Jacques Tresallet-Alto) and the French choreographer/dancer Benjamin Bertrand.

Inside your bones takes the listener to the heart of a musical ceremony made up of resonances and vibrations. In duet with their vibrating plates, the four musicians surround the public and unleash a wall of sound, deploying, spreading and flowing out of it before silently fainting. Here, polyphony rests on a principle of simplicity more than on a structural complexity, on a total tone, hiding, behind its imposing density, incredibly animated elements.

In this immersive arrangement, the bodies of the performers compose the musical score listening to it. The main tool of the Inside your bones performer is his ear: it dictates the gestures that will allow the sounds to reach their maximum fulfillment. Straining toward the sound, the dancer’s body evolves like a magnetic membrane between the musicians and the public. It is the same for the magnetic plates, they let themselves be traversed by the musical energy, breathe its frequencies to transmit them through their bones and their palms, make themselves the performers of a pleasure or a complaint that pops up from the depth of the sound.

As a direct witness to the sharing of breath between the performers and the musical material, the public is invited to the center of this perceptible ritual to live a common experience, united in the same tribe «by the encompassing» and «the time of the place».

[English translation: Oliver Haeffly, ii-19]