Video dance by Guylaine Savoie. Intérieur nuit is a choreographic fiction illustrating the hallucinations of a woman who believes she senses an unknown presence in her home. “A film of suspense”, Intérieur nuit evokes in a fantastic, sometimes dreamlike way, how fear can affect the imagination, how it intrudes into the labyrinth of the psyche.

- Guylaine Savoie

After an initial collaboration with Guylaine Savoie in 2005 for the show Un étranger, where I composed the music for two of the three scenes, our collaboration continued in 2006 with Intérieur nuit. Produced in the wake of Un étranger and inspired by the same situation, this dance video is not a recording of the stage performance, but rather an autonomous work reinterpreting the same subject. The visual environment, the set and the choreography are completely different.

As for me, I have in a way, condensed 40 minutes of electroacoustic music that I had written for the show into eight minutes.