Dedicated to All Beings in aspiration for World Peace.

This work is a vast symphonic “Spacescape” in five movements combining full orchestra with live electronic sound.

1. Space: “Emptiness is forming; form is emptying”

The work opens with a musical evocation of Space — music of mystery and reverence. The elements of the piece gradually emerge and unfold, taking tentative form only to dissolve and transform again, eventually culminating in the main theme at the movement’s end.

2. Ponderings: A primeval world dominated by a short, insistent motif (like an idée fixe) which weaves itself in and out of the entire movement. Ponderings, enigmas, mysteries of creation….

3. Lyric Interlude: A short Intermezzo with a human, lyrical nature. Subtitled “Reminiscence” it evokes other times, other places.

4. Scherzo: This is the dramatic centre of the symphony — a driving, energy-raising symphonic Scherzo. Here the orchestra imitates and develops the synthesizers‘ main idea: a pulsating rhythm which pervades the entire movement. The music here captures some of the spirit of “rock music”, but the working-out is rigorously symphonic. Out of the momentum of the Scherzo comes an improvisation by the solo synthesizers. Eventually the music calms and the “pondering” motives return to provide a transition into the Finale:

5.Transformations: The final movement completes an arch in the overall structure of the symphony. Earlier themes return and transform one into another in reverse order. A prayer-like chanting rhythm (mantra) invokes the main theme, now fully developed by the orchestra and synthesizers. As it fades away, we again hear the music of the opening, and the symphony ends in space as it began.