clarinet, electric guitar, percussion, 2 Babel tables, siren organ and fixed medium

When a composer is writing for a specific musician and their instrument, it is always a strange type of relationship. The composer has probably written for the instrument before (or can at least study other composers who have) so even if the musician knows the instrument most intimately, the composer can still come up with their own ideas from an outside perspective. In this way all three parts have different types of relationships.

But when writing for Jean-François Laporte and his own constructions, it is something more than just knowing this specific instrument well. It’s not just a relationship as a musician can have with their instrument, these instruments are his own creations! So as the outside composer, you can never come as close to the instruments as he has done. This being said — for me personally the pieces I have been writing for Laporte instruments have been some of the most interesting experiences I’ve had as a composer.