voice and 6 instruments: flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello & piano

That the expression of the human voice is vital essence should be known to everyone, but instead it is obscure. It takes time for us to discover what is inherent in us. It happened to me, too, though attentive to the central phenomena of composing: the sparkling emotion of sounds and silence exerted an exclusive interest that stretched to cover my sky almost to the horizon, for years. What dwells in the depths is not immediately revealed. One must undress oneself to reach it, precisely because it is daily at one’s fingertips. The voice is our “official” means of communication, but what we call “singing” is the union of two energies, the resonance of the word in the mind, and the power of sound. And so: close thought to music. Every breeze, every storm, surprise, nuance, risk, all can be found encapsulated in this extraordinary pinnacle of human language. Sometimes as children we remain enchanted listening to birdsong, which we stubbornly fail to understand. As idiots we don’t get too involved with human melodies, in fact we avoid paying attention to them precisely so that they don’t distract us from our usual occupations. With garlands of songs I try to construct and evoke the occasionality of collections, so as to reflect the variety of the universe, that is, the wandering path of our existence. That is why I raise rows of contrasting pieces, according to an ’alternation conceived unitarily; there is an old title of mine that states the intent well: Street Notebook. In the case of this new series, addressing its different parts to loved ones, the dedications associated with the gift of friendship, played a propulsive role in imagining; it was the pleasure of juxtaposing friends with the collaborators with whom I share the phases of my work.