Imagine! Standing in front of a picture or a sculpture, and all of a sudden hearing startling music as the forms and colors begin to move.

Fonoformies invites children into a universe where music adds movement to lines, faces, subjects and textures, providing a pleasurable experience for all the senses. Guided by two musicians, the children come up on the stage, are transported by the music and discover a path that’s filled with unexpected sounds and visuals.

An original show where little hands and feet are encouraged to get movin’!


Practical info

  • Age: 1 to 4 years old
  • Technical sheet (french pdf)
  • Attendance: 30 children with accompanying adults up to 45 attendees, children and accompanying adults inclusive
  • Activities and preparatory materials available upon request
  • Broadcasting is possible in theaters and alternate venues
  • Contact: Raphaël Fréchette, Agent d’artiste — Productions Ratatouille (514-817-6040 /