Artistic Director: Pauline Vaillancourt

The Voice at the Heart of New Works

In 1990, the lyric company Chants Libres was founded by Pauline Vaillancourt with the mission of uniting creative artists from a range of disciplines - music, theatre, visual arts, electronic arts, video… - around one central theme: the Voice. The company has premiered several acclaimed pieces: Ne blâmez jamais les bédouins, by Alain Thibault and René-Daniel Dubois; La Princesse blanche, by Bruce Mather and Reynald Tremblay; Les Chants du Capricorne, by Giacinto Scelsi; Le Vampire et la Nymphomane, by Serge Provost and Claude Gauvreau, and Yo soy la desintegración, by Jean Piché and Yan Muckle. The performance of these new works enabled Chants Libres to attain a solid reputation and to become the vehicle of choice for many innovators in performances involving sound, visuals, and words. Its prime focus is on operatic genres that employ either chamber groups or the full orchestra, as well as musicals and traditional or radically new forms of experimental music.

Chants Libres offers audiences of the Millennium Symphony a sound and visual installation created specially for the occasion by electroacoustic composer Louis Dufort and visual artist Guylaine Coderre. The work is performed by Louis Dufort and Pauline Vaillancourt, soprano.

Source: Chants Libres