Artistic Director: Jean-Marc Bouchard

Promoting New Works in Quebec

The Société des concerts alternatifs du Québec was founded in 1985 by a group of young composers whose specific aim was to promote new Quebec works. The association was renamed Codes d’accès in 1992, and its mandate is to support and perform new works by young artists embarking on their careers and requiring their works to be initially produced with the respect they deserve. The group is managed by the same artists that it represents, functioning along uniquely democratic lines.

Codes d’accès focuses is open to a diversity of styles and artistic expressions that reflect the most recent trends in the music of today. The range of its productions covers notated, improvised, contemporary and modern idioms, including electroacoustic, performance art, and multidisciplinary works.

Because of the great diversity of its activities and the excellence of its production standards, Codes d’accès has obtained the attention and respect of an inquisitive audience open to new forms of musical expression and constantly in search of novelty.

Source: Codes d’accès